Center Youtube

These days Youtube was revamped (at least the update arrived in germany too) and i was instantly annoyed by the left aligned design.

I wrote a super small greasemonkey script to fix it, and thought maybe somebody wants it too.

Have fun with it:

Link: The script on

The Code:

// ==UserScript==
// @name       Center that damn youtube (for 1920x1080)
// @namespace  /
// @version    0.1
// @description  centers on screens with resolutin 1920x1080
// @match      **
// @copyright  2012+, You
// @require
// ==/UserScript==
jQuery('#page-container').css('margin', '0 0 0 300px');

Find File Snippet – Depth First And Breadth First Search

Two usefull snippets, if you need to do a quick file search, here a recursive and a breadth first implementation (ignored the not-authorized-exception):
(took me only 2 mins, love .Net 🙂

Depth First Implementation:

static string[] FindFile_DepthFirst(string directoryName, string fileName)
   return Directory.GetFiles(directoryName, fileName, SearchOption.AllDirectories);

Breadth First Implementation:
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Update GUI Control From Non-GUI-Thread Without Marshalling

In .Net when you want to update a GUI Control, for example a ListView, you have to execute your update code in the GUI Thread which controls your Form and its child GUI Objects. While you are in another Thread, you call the Invoke or BeginInvoke (for async.) method of your GUI Control for this purpose. You pass this method a delegate of your method, which contains your update code, and the GUI Thread invokes the method that is passed. Well the whole story is infact much more complicated and this article gives you a nice in-depth view on this topic:
WinForms UI Thread Invokes: An In-Depth Review of Invoke/BeginInvoke/InvokeRequred


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How to Upload a Folder Recursive to FTP and display the Progress

I found a nice open-source FTP-Library that can upload files, change the directory etc.  (ftpLib.cs was originally written by Jaimon Mathew and modified by Dan Rolander and others).

But it lacks the feature to upload a Directory recursiv, therefore i coded a class with some Extension Methods.

I also made up a small Example:

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SaveProgress Example for DotNetZip

When i was coding Send2FTP i needed a ZIP-Library that would be able to notify me about the progress while the compression.

After a littlebit research i found DotNetZip a really impressive ZIP Libary for dotNet.

But what i couldn’t find was a good WinForms example for the Save Progress Event. I Also don’t like to deliver my application with alot of dll’s therefore i packed the sources of DotNetZip into the Example.

So i made a small WinForms Example for implementing the SaveProgress Event of the DotNetZip Library and want to share it with you:

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I often encounter a problem when downloading my daily tv show in form of rar parts. When doing that i want to open the video file already while downloading (like streaming).

Therefore i made up a small application that clicks the button of the rar application every 1,5s.


Because of that i can watch the partial extracted movie with VLC (i guess several other players can do that too).

The code of the Application basically consists of two functions:
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How to get Main Window Handle of the last active window

While developing a litte application for Windows 7 in C# i encountered the problem that i needed to focus the last window after i started my application. Althought my application was closing after execution immediately, focus was not recurring to the last window because i was starting my application from the windows taskbar. For fixing this side-effect, i needed to find out, which window was active before my programm was “born”. So i did some googling for finding out how to get the previously active window handle in windows 7. In almost every thread, it was recommended to “listen” to window activation changes, and save the previous handle in a variable or so. But in my case, i wanted to avoid, running the programm permanently, or run anything in the background..
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