Convert a ByteArrayOutputStream into a ByteArrayInputStream

Often while programming you find yourself glueing pre-existing code fragments together. This works out sometimes but even more often it is rather annoying. These days i had to encrypt a pdf and do some other stuff with it in java and therefore put together some libraries i found. One of these libraries offered a method to encrypt the pdf and write the result into a ByteArrayOutputStream. Later then i had to push the encrypted pdf into another method that needed it as a ByteArrayInputStream. First i simply copied the content of the ByteArrayOutputStream as byte array into the ByteArrayInputStream, but this didn’t satisfy me since i knew that the ByteArrayInputStream just needed to be initialized with the internal buffer of the ByteArrayOutputStream. Since this internal buffer is hidden from outside i made up the ByteArrayInOutStream which is a ByteArrayOutputStream that has an additional method that returns a ByteArrayInputStream which is initialized with the internal buffer of the ByteArrayOutputStream. This allows for a instant ‘conversion’ that does not use up more memory than required.

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