Android Wifi Hotspot Manager Class

Android has the great option to let you Tether your connection via wifi, but as developer you got little to none control over this mechanism.

Therefore i wrote a class to correct this: WifiApManager.

With this class you can check the current Status of the Hotspot, enable/disable it, get/set the current AP configuration and also get the list of currently connected clients.

I also made an example to demonstrate it’s capabilities:

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Download and Display Image in Android

When you want to download a Image from the Web and Display it in Android in a ImageView i encountered two different approaches:

1. Download the Image and Display it:

Drawable DownloadDrawable(String url, String src_name) throws {
	return Drawable.createFromStream((( new, src_name);
try {
	Drawable drw = DownloadDrawable("", "src")
} catch (IOException e) {
	// Something went wrong here

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