How to Upload a Folder Recursive to FTP and display the Progress

I found a nice open-source FTP-Library that can upload files, change the directory etc.  (ftpLib.cs was originally written by Jaimon Mathew and modified by Dan Rolander and others).

But it lacks the feature to upload a Directory recursiv, therefore i coded a class with some Extension Methods.

I also made up a small Example:

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SaveProgress Example for DotNetZip

When i was coding Send2FTP i needed a ZIP-Library that would be able to notify me about the progress while the compression.

After a littlebit research i found DotNetZip a really impressive ZIP Libary for dotNet.

But what i couldn’t find was a good WinForms example for the Save Progress Event. I Also don’t like to deliver my application with alot of dll’s therefore i packed the sources of DotNetZip into the Example.

So i made a small WinForms Example for implementing the SaveProgress Event of the DotNetZip Library and want to share it with you:

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I often encounter a problem when downloading my daily tv show in form of rar parts. When doing that i want to open the video file already while downloading (like streaming).

Therefore i made up a small application that clicks the button of the rar application every 1,5s.


Because of that i can watch the partial extracted movie with VLC (i guess several other players can do that too).

The code of the Application basically consists of two functions:
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