A broad look into the mobile network future

When i went through my files i stumbled over a paper i made at my university and thought maybe someone could find interest in it.

The paper features a summary of the history of mobile networks and tries to make a forecast about which technologies are most likely to play a role in next generation mobile networks.

I am going to quote the abstract here:

The ubiquitous access to information through mobile networks
changed our lives. These mobile networks are in a
state of permanent evolution. In this paper we identify the
most probable drivers for future mobile networks. We provide
an overview over the most successful commercial mobile
networks and point out the technologies used in these mobile
networks that will most likely be reused in future networks.
We discuss the difficulties and requirements for future mobile
networks that come with the deployment of billions of
autonomous Machine-to-Machine devices. While some solutions
have been proposed to deal with these Machine-to-
Machine requirements many problems remain unsolved.

Link to the PDF file.

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