EML to PDF Converter

I just finished a new project, an EML to PDF Converting tool which i released for free under the Apache V2 License to github. This tool allows you to convert your E-Mails in the EML format to PDF’s, which is necessary for archivability. Since E-Mails reference external resources such as images they tend to be an impermanent medium. To deal with this they can be converted to a format which is permanent such as PDF.

You can download it for free or check out the source code at github!


The EML to PDF Converter tool also features an Commandline Interface through which you can use it on a server to automatically archive your incoming email:

Usage: EMLtoPDFConverter [options] 
    -d, --debug
       Debug mode
       Default: false
    -dc, --disable-crashreports
       Do not send crash reports to the developer.
       Default: false
    -e, --error
       Display only Error messages.
       Default: false
    -a, --extract-attachments
       Extract Attachments.
       Default: false
    -ad, --extract-attachments-directory
       Extract Attachments to this Directory, if this option is not present the
       directory is besides the pdf as "-attachments".
    -?, --help
       Print this help.
       Default: false
    -hh, --hide-headers
       Do not add email headers (subject, from, etc.) at the beginning of the
       PDF document.
       Default: false
    -o, --output-filepath
       Filepath of the produced PDF document. If this option is ommited the PDF
       will be placed alongside the EML File.
    -p, --proxy
       Proxy (e.g. ""). If "auto" is supplied the default
       system proxy will be used.
    -q, --quiet
       Do not display any messages at all.
       Default: false
    -gui, --show-graphical-user-interface
       Show graphical user interface (other parameters are ignored when using
       this switch).
       Default: false
    -v, --version
       Print the version number.
       Default: false

The tool has also support for the extraction of attachments, proxy’s and much more.

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