LeetSocket is an easy to use socket component, built on TCP, written in C# .net


  • Sending every kind of object made simple: sendObject(Object obj)
  • Sending files: sendFile(String LocalFilePath,String Destination)
  • Parallel file transfers
  • Get information about the progress of the pending incoming and outgoing transfers by using simple events
  • Pause/resume/abort pending transfers of any direction
  • Optional traffic encryption and compression
  • Advanced features e.g. CustomHeader, which is sent before the complete object or file has arrived
  • AutoListen feature (you dont need to manually start to listen for incoming connections)
  • AutoConnect feature (you dont need to manually call connect, or reconnect after lost connections)


LeetSocket with Examples


The software is still BETA and may contain bugs, some methods/events/properties may be changed/renamed/extended or removed.

How to Start/Use:

Look into the Simple_SendObject_Example. For further understanding take a look into the other examples. You are able to watch a quick video demonstration here:

Download Binary and Sources of Simple_Chat demonstrated in the Video


If you want to report bugs or want to make suggestions please contact us: whitebytedotinfoatgmaildotcom  (whitebytedotinfoatgmaildotcom)  


The library is free and open source available under the Apache V2 License.

12 thoughts on “LeetSocket

    • You are right, the download link is only to be found in the comments of the youtube video, the leetsocket version in the chat example is also old, but you can easily grab the new version from here and put it into the chat example.

  1. HI
    Can i make multiple connections to a server application from multiple clients?
    but what if seen so far is awesome haven’t found anything better regarding sockets

    • It is supported but you have to do it “by hand”.

      You have to make a socket that listens for incoming connections and then create a new leetsocket instance for each new incoming connection (there is a constructor which you can hand over a existing connected socket) and then manage the leetsockets in a list or so.

  2. Great really. But the same question as Matteo, can I use it on two different computers on the same network? If yes, please give me some details,thank you :).

  3. Great API, excellent work.
    I have one question, how can I set the IPs for client and server in order to run the 2 application in different PCs? Note thate PCs are in the same network, so I will not have problem for the connection.

    Thank you


    • You don’t need to set an IP at the application holding the server component, but you need to adjust the “ServerIPAsDNS” property from the client component in the client Application.

      • Nick, Thanks for your API is very usefull. I dont understand what do you mean by adjusting the ServerIPAsDNS. Can you be more specific. I am new at sockets. Thank you very much

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